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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

Here are short answers for your information to some of the most common questions we encounter at the law office of Suzanne Baker-Steele, Attorney At Law, P.L.L.C. For legal advice, call us at 228-206-2055 to schedule an appointment to speak with our experienced family law attorney.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Get A Divorce?

If you are considering a divorce, or marital dissolution, in Mississippi, an experienced lawyer can facilitate the process for you. If you are on the receiving end of divorce papers, it is best to speak to a divorce lawyer as soon as possible so you do not miss important deadlines to make your answer to the court. While you may only need legal guidance for part of your divorce, you will have peace of mind when you know your legal advice is coming from an experienced lawyer.

I Was Never Married To My Children’s Father; How Do I Get Child Support For Our Children?

Both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children, even if you were never married. Once paternity of the children is established, the court provides guidelines based on a number of factors, including the children’s living arrangements and the parents’ individual incomes, for determining the amount of child support. Call the law office of Suzanne Baker-Steele, Attorney At Law, P.L.L.C., for the guidance you need in establishing child support for your children.

Can I Update My Child Custody Order?

Yes. The court understands that a child’s needs will change and supports modifications of child custody and child support orders when significant changes occur.

Our Grandmother Just Died. Can You Help Us?

Yes, we can help you. Once a person dies, their final matters such as taxes and distribution of their personal property, assets and real estate will need to be distributed. If your grandmother had estate planning documents such as a will or a trust, it could make the probate process a smoother one. Even if she does not have a will or a trust, call us.

Should I Get My Estate Plan Updated After My Divorce?

Updating your estate plan after major life events such as a divorce can ensure your intentions for distributing your assets are up to date. Speak with our experienced estate planning attorney to learn more.

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