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Modifying Arrangements To Reflect Your Current Situation

Over time, circumstances change. If the custody, visitation or support orders that were initially established no longer seem appropriate because of a significant change in circumstances, you may be eligible for a modification of the terms of those original court orders. We also regularly file contempt actions to help those seeking enforcement of existing orders in Chancery Court.

At the law office of Suzanne Baker-Steele, Attorney At Law, P.L.L.C., we help clients who need to modify any existing custody or support orders. We work with clients throughout Biloxi and South Mississippi to modify arrangements, including:

  • Spousal support modifications: Although there are three types of alimony, periodic alimony is typically the only one which can be modified. To qualify, the receiving spouse must have had a substantial and material change in circumstances. In addition, the paying spouse may seek a modification if he/she has suffered an involuntary reduction in income (layoff, pay cut, disability, etc.). Alimony is usually a needs-based payment, so the most important aspect is your burden of proof. Our lawyer can help make sure you have the information you need during your case.
  • Visitation order modifications: If the noncustodial parent can prove that visitation is not working, they may be eligible for a modification. There is not a large burden of proof, but we can help ensure you are prepared.
  • Child custody modifications: A parent is required to prove a substantial and material change in circumstances which would negatively affect the minor child. This proof must show that a modification would be in the best interests of the minor.
  • Child support modifications: If the father’s income decreases, modification is warranted, so long as the decrease is involuntary. A significant passage of time also warrants an upward modification. Quitting your job or going back to school will not automatically result in a modification. The reason for job termination makes a large difference in the likelihood of a modification. Child support orders can only be modified by another order and court action is required.

Reach Out To Us For Help With Updating Your Original Court Orders

If your situation has changed and you would like the court to recognize that in payment or visitation periods, we can help. Contact us online or call 228-206-2055 to schedule your appointment with an experienced lawyer.