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In divorce, there is no winning side. Regardless of who gets custody of the children, who stays in the house and who receives spousal support, there is rarely anyone who comes out on top. Divorce is a difficult and stressful process, but you will get through it. At our firm — Suzanne Baker-Steele, Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C. — we have over 25 years of experience representing clients in divorce matters. We are here to help you through the process and help you receive the best outcome in your situation. Contact us online or call 228-206-2055 to schedule your appointment with a lawyer who serves Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Division of Marital Property

When you get divorced, all property that is accumulated during the marriage must be divided. Based on the date of the marriage, the court will define the marital estate and of what it consists. All assets and debts are equitably divided between the two parties. If a family business is also part of the marital estate, that is also divided.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Based upon the length of the marriage and the quality of life both people enjoyed, one spouse may be eligible for spousal support. We work with clients to determine which of the three types of alimony is most appropriate for their situation:

  • Periodic: Periodic spousal support is paid until the husband or wife dies, or until the wife remarries or begins living with another person. The periodic sum is modifiable as the circumstances of either party change. The payments are deductible for the paying spouse and count as income for the receiving spouse on federal and state income tax returns.
  • Lump sum: A lump sum is used by the courts to equalize the value of the estate between the spouses. The amount is non-modifiable. The amount can be made in payments, but once it is paid in full, that is the end of it.
  • Rehabilitative: Rehabilitative spousal support is used to make a spouse whole. If one spouse relocated to be with the other spouse, cut their salary and then the marriage ended abruptly — they may be eligible for rehabilitative support. This money would be used to help them return to their former life. This is a monthly payment for a set amount and is potentially modifiable.

We represent clients in all divorce matters, including child custody and support and prenuptial agreements. We are here to help. Schedule your appointment by contacting us online or by calling 228-206-2055.

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