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For more than two decades, the Law Office of Suzanne Baker-Steele, Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C., has helped Mississippi residents handle their complicated estate planning issues. We provide personalized representation and will tailor our estate planning strategy based on your individual needs and goals.

From the moment we take your case, we will remain at your side through the entire estate planning or probate process.

Focused on the Best Interests and Well-Being of Children Through Guardianships

An important part of your estate involves testamentary guardianships for your minor children. You make the decision as to who will have custody after you have gone. Selected guardians must be fit to take care of your children and cannot be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

You want peace of mind that your wishes are known. Without a will, your family will be left to interpret your wishes. A will allows you to maintain control over an important decision that impacts many people. Knowing that your children will be cared for by the person you designated is in the best interests of your children as well: They will be shielded from inter-family fighting over who received custody.

The Care and Protection Your Loved Ones Need

Conservators are appointed to take care of the estate of someone who is of advanced age, suffers from physical incapacitation, or has an inability to take care of themselves or their property. Their decision-making is impaired, making them susceptible to scams and deceptions.

With an increase in the exploitation of seniors or the disabled, the courts take the time to determine the ability of someone to manage their own affairs.

The Court determines their ability to manage their own affairs, and provides judicial oversight of their financial resources.

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